Bonkers Bartender Stories

Some of the craziest stuff that happened to bartenders on the clock, straight from their mouths.
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  • Laina, New Orleans

“A female customer threw a beer at me and then attempted to run out of the bar so I threw an entire napkin/straw holder at her head. Shit went flying and she ran out the door with like 20 straws stickin’ out her big ol dumb head.”

  • India, New Orleans

“I had a guy get maced in the bar by his girlfriend. Gave him a gallon of milk and a shot for his troubles.”

  • Victoria, New Orleans

“This guy kept paying me to say outrageous shit to his friend, like “you look like homeless Richard Simmons.” This went on for a while until he said he’d give me $20 to punch his friend in the face. I said no, then the guy himself, threw down $30 and said, “no really! Do it! Punch me!”

I said no bro. Then they threw down $50 and sure enough I walked around the bar and decked the dude in the jaw. Chipped his tooth and all. I have it on video.”

  • Melody, San Antonio

“Some chick came in with her side dude at our local karaoke bar. Apparently her main dude was on his way and his friends were at my bar as well. She paid me $20 to not say a word when he got there. Then she goes up and sings “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” and I just DIED laughing.”


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