How UNION Venues are Scoring Big with RTDs

Merchants that we have analyzed in 2019 showed RTDs as a dominant trend at their bar or restaurant.
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Ready-to-Drink Category Booming

  • Annual sales in this segment are up 574%​
  • Spirit-based RTDs generated $62 million in 2018​
  • Most popular SKUs include citrus, berry, and tropical​
  • Younger adults citing reasons for RTD affinity: convenience, health & wellness, light & refreshing, less filling, low proof​

Meet Your New Sales Leader

The debut line up of flavors includes Black Cherry, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Lime, and Cucumber Mint mixed with real vodka.

Available nationwide, CANTEEN VODKA SODA is a 5% ABV beverage in the convenience of a standard 12 oz. can that delivers a premium, fresh taste without the nutritional issues consumers want to avoid.

On-Premise Incentives & Promotions for UNION Venues

In an effort to aggressively support accounts selling Canteen, our consumer app, UNION Tab, will offer purchasing incentives directly to customers in UNION POS venues.

  • Customers will discover an offer to purchase Canteen on their phone when entering your venue
  • Offer is auto-redeemed through the app without extra work on staff
  • Consumer sees offer redemption applied before paying
On their opening weekend, Bouldin Acres in Austin, TX sold out of their entire Canteen stock within a day.

To get info about distribution, email us by clicking the link below.

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