How Canteen Spirits and other RTD brands are making a huge dent in the liquor industry by capitalizing on ready-to-drink sales that have been skyrocketing over the last several years. 

  • Annual sales in this segment are up 574%​
  • Spirit-based RTDs generated $62 million in 2018

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Simon's Spin On The Dry Martini

Our new series, SPIN, brings you some of the best bartenders in the biz, showing off their own twists on old reliables.​

N2 Dry Martini

– Double-frozen, double-purified ice
– 4oz vodka
– Minus 321 degree Nitrogen
– Squeezed lemon oils
– Dry vermouth aromatizer

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In Episode #4 Anthony and Noah recap on their year in the service industry. Noah tells us how he took a $0.00 shift and turned it into a profitable night with in 24hrs. They share their most memorable NYE shift behind the bar. And the boys chat about going into the new year and new decade in the service industry.

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Latest data insights on drinking behavior from our partner venues and other sources cited below

Top 10 National Spirit Brands

Source: UNION Point of Sale

Top 10 National Beer Brands

Source: UNION Point of Sale

Top 10 USA Drinking Cities

Source: Delphi

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